Knowing What Green Waste Is About

What is Green Waste?

Green waste is anything growing or biodegradable. For most Brisbane homes and businesses this will largely comprise of garden waste, such as grass and flower cuttings, hedge trimmings, as well as food waste.

Even small amounts of yard work such as mowing or edging can generate large amounts of green waste, especially when there are many hedges, flower beds, shrubs, and trees to tend to. With our sub-tropical climate in Brisbane, looking after gardens can involve hard work with constant trimming and pruning. And of course, unexpectedly severe weather can bring down branches or occasionally entire trees that need to be removed.

Municipal councils have guidelines for garden rubbish removal, but large quantities may also require the assistance of a professional rubbish removal company.


Some common examples of green waste you will see around Brisbane include:

  • Branches and palm fronds
  • Flowers and grass cuttings
  • Edgings and other vegetation
  • Weeds
  • Timber fences
  • Wooden decks and patios
  • Cubby houses, greenhouses and sheds
  • Biodegradable outdoor furniture
  • Entire shrubs and trees
  • Biodegradable food waste
  • Clotheslines
  • Pots and ornaments


An established Brisbane garden waste removal service can save you time, hassle, and possibly help you avoid injury. Loading up skips with heavy waste can be back-breaking and hazardous work, not to mention doing all the tidying up afterwards.

A garden rubbish removal service clears away all the green waste in your property and tidies up the mess afterwards. At Steve’s Rubbish Removals, we carry chainsaws and can lend a hand with the pruning or removing of trees and bushes, remove hills hoists, sheds, pergolas and demolition of larger items.

Steve’s Rubbish Removals is Brisbane’s most reputable rubbish removal company. We have 15 years’ experience in disposing of green waste across the city. Call us on 07 3348 4735 to arrange a collection.

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