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Our Rubbish Removal business is nearly 21 years old and we’re very proud of that achievement. A huge thank you to the thousands of clients who have used our rubbish removal services over the years! Like everyone at the moment we’re also feeling a bit out of sorts and have that fear of the unknown but we are going to do our very best to “keep calm and carry on” as usual and have successfully completed Infection Control Training – Covid 19 through the Australian Government Department of Health. We’re open 7 days and you can reach us on 3348 4735 between 6.00am-7.00pm, send an enquiry through the contact form (24 hours) or email (24 hours).

Rubbish Removal Brisbane

Steve’s Rubbish Removals is your number one stop for rubbish removal in Brisbane. These days almost everyone is short on time – time to spend with family, time to run a household and even just time to wind down and relax. That’s why Steve’s Rubbish Removals is here to do the dirty work for you! As Brisbane’s leading rubbish removal service, we are dedicated to disposing of waste safely and efficiently.

Bunnings Gift Card
$10 Bunnings Gift Card for completed Online Bookings!
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Here at Steve’s Rubbish Removals, we take a hands on and honest approach to rubbish removal in Brisbane and always dispose of your rubbish to the correct places, whether it be household, commercial, green waste or real estate waste.

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At Steve’s Rubbish Removal we are dedicated to providing stress-free rubbish removal in Brisbane and its surrounds. Here are some of the great things we can offer you as part of our stress-free rubbish removal guarantee:

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We offer our services of rubbish removal to Brisbane City, Logan, Bayside, Ipswich and the Redlands – removing your household, commercial and green waste. Our family-owned and operated business is open 7 days a week including public holidays.

Our strong reputation has been built on our reliable and customer orientated service since 2001 – we are known as one of the premier rubbish removers in Brisbane. This is a fact that many Brisbane households and business owners attest to.

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