What is Estate Rubbish & How Do You get Rid of It?

What is Estate Rubbish and how Do You get Rid of It?

We all know what general household rubbish is and can probably give a fairly good definition of e-waste, green waste, and commercial rubbish.

But what exactly is estate rubbish? And how does a Brisbane property look to get rid of estate rubbish if it is piles up with nowhere to go?

The different types of Estate Rubbish

Estate rubbish is usually considered to be what accumulates when the owner of a property is looking to sell and has had a clear out of unwanted items, or when the owner is deceased; it may also refer to ‘real estate garbage’ whereby a tenant has moved out and left items behind that need clearing away and disposing of.

Rubbish from such estates can be anything from general household waste to electronic waste, biodegradable green waste, as well as very large items like garden fences, greenhouses, and sheds.

Estate rubbish is also often furniture and carpets, old mattresses, kitchen appliances, and other items that are in a state of disrepair or too old to restore or to sell on.

Each different type of rubbish needs to be disposed of responsibly, with some items able to be recycled and others potentially hazardous.

How to get rid of Estate Rubbish

Many estate rubbish items cannot be loaded into skips or left with the household garbage bins; they will be refused by rubbish collectors.

Besides this, clearing an estate can be a tiresome task involving heavy lifting, potential exposure to dust and toxins, and days of lost time. That’s even without considering how you will actually dispose of the waste after you have collected and loaded it.

The entire estate rubbish removal process can be looked after by professional Brisbane rubbish removers who can collect and load all the rubbish onto a truck and have it out of your way with the minimum of fuss. They will do all the heavy lifting and will even clean up before they leave.

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