Hard Rubbish: What it is & How to Remove it

Moving house, selling your home, spring cleaning, your children moving out, these are all reasons why you suddenly have a mountain of hard rubbish cluttering your spare room and driving you to despair. Despite your best attempts to offload your old couch to the neighbour, or your burnt out toaster to your relatives, some pieces of your rubbish simply need disposing of outside of the weekly rubbish bin collection, and taken to a place where it can often be recycled.

Essentially, we are talking about hard rubbish, and in this article, we will take you through the need to know information about what hard rubbish is, where you can best access hard rubbish removal, and how easy it is to rid yourself of your hard rubbish today!

What is Hard Rubbish?

Before we talk about the best ways to dispose of hard rubbish, it’s essential to understand what you can throw away in your normal, weekly bins, and what needs separate collection by specific hard rubbish removalists. Hard rubbish is classified as big, bulky items, normally furniture, electrical items and sizeable equipment that won’t fit into normal bins, or that cannot be broken down to fit into the council bin compactors.

How do you Dispose of Hard Rubbish?

When you have rubbish, it needs to go, and if you are like most people, waiting for any length of time for your hard rubbish removal to happen can be very frustrating. The best way to dispose of hard rubbish is by booking a specific hard rubbish removal, a designated pick up to take all of your unwanted furniture and household items on one, convenient date, decided on by you.

What Classifies as Hard Rubbish?

The following questions are commonly asked about what classifies as hard rubbish, and what does not.

Can you put bikes in hard rubbish collection? Yes, push bikes are best to be disposed of during a hard rubbish collection.

Can you put mattresses in hard rubbish collection? Absolutely. It is essential mattresses are disposed of in this way, so they can be properly recycled.

Can you put carpet in hard rubbish collection? It is best to put carpet in your hard rubbish collection, as opposed to your normal bin, simply due the size and volume. Worth noting that council bins are limited by weight and what you are allowed to place in them.

What else? The following list takes you through what is considered hard rubbish:

  • Furniture – couches, bed frames, chairs, tables, bookshelves, mattresses
  • Sporting equipment – racquets, snowboards, skis, surfboards, bikes
  • Furnishings – lights, lamps, flooring such as old floorboard, tiles, and carpet, doors
  • Appliances – kettles, toasters, sandwich press, blenders
  • White goods – fridges, washing machines, dryer, dishwasher
  • Outdoor – barbeques, lawnmower, trampolines, sheds, fences

How to Book a Hard Rubbish Collection

Booking a hard rubbish collection; all you need is a summary of the items you need taken away, so we can accurately assess the size vehicle we need for your rubbish, and the date you wish for the removal to happen. If you are unsure if your pile of rubbish is hard rubbish, or just general waste, or you simply want to get rid of your rubbish as soon as possible, call Steve’s Rubbish Removals now, to clear your clutter away for good!

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