How to Reduce Household Rubbish

You might be surprised to hear that each Australian produces approximately 540kg of rubbish each year. Working out to be more than 10kg of household rubbish each week.

But we’ve all been there, it’s easier said than done to reduce your household rubbish. However, when it comes to minimising rubbish at home, it’s all about the little things. Adopting some of these handy actionable tips will make you wonder where they’ve ‘bin’ all your life.

Buy Less

We’ll get the obvious one out of the way. Buying less means less rubbish to throw out! This is easiest done when at the supermarket. Going in with a shopping list ensures you don’t buy anything unnecessary and add more packaging to your trolley. Once you’re a master at culling your waste at the supermarket, going above and beyond by reducing clothing and household items can significantly reduce household waste. Inevitably you will have to buy clothing and electronics again, and when you do, consider second-hand purchases and reducing somebody else’s household waste.

Paperless Billing

This can take a little bit of admin at home first, but it can make a huge difference when you think about how many bills you receive in the mail each month. Spend one night to sit down and switch your bills to be received electronically. When you start receiving the email copies, be sure to mark them as important in your inbox so they don’t go straight to your spam folder. Reducing rubbish may be important, but so is paying your bill on time!

Aim for Low-Packaging Options

Making a purchase decision based on the amount of included packaging is a powerful step towards reducing your household waste. Look out for low-packaging or even free-from-packaging goods at the supermarket, such as loose fruit and vegetables, and pop them in a reusable bag to minimise waste.

Buy in Bulk

Cut out excess packaging by buying items in bulk at a farmers’ market or wholesale store. As a bonus, buying in bulk is often cheaper in the long run, so your wallet will thank you.

Buy High-Quality & Durable Goods

Some things are cheap for a reason, and often non-expensive electronics and clothes aren’t made to last. Although they sting your wallet in the short term, higher quality goods will last you far longer than their cheaper counterparts, meaning they won’t find their way into your rubbish anytime soon!

Take Reusable Bags Everywhere

Having some spare reusable shopping bags in your car or handbag can never go astray. While they’re great for the supermarket, they’re also very handy for pharmacies and other shops to ensure you don’t waste more plastic than you need to.

We Recycle!

If you’re feeling inspired and you’re eager to get started, contact Steve’s Rubbish Removals- we’re here to make the job a whole lot easier. We’ll remove anything from larger items like furniture and appliances, to clothes and general junk and we recycle wherever possible! If you’re ready to talk rubbish, get a free quote or book online today.