Wildlife encounters – Steve’s memorable nature run-ins

Steve’s day to day rubbish removal services Brisbane-wide often involves working outdoors, which means he often encounters some unexpected guests. Steve loves that his rubbish removal services not only aid in household and green waste removal, but also that it assists in creating a clean environment for Australia’s wildlife to habituate in. Here are a few of Steve’s most memorable wildlife encounters!

Steve stumbled across this tree python whilst removing some backyard waste.

One of Australia’s national treasure’s keeping a close eye on Steve!

This furry friend was in the bush where Steve was removing green waste. He gave Steve a quick hello and went on his way!

Last but not certainly not least.. look at the size of this guy! Steve and his team believe in being respectful to the wildlife they encounter on their travels, and ensure they are as non-invasive to their homes as possible whilst carrying out their rubbish removal around Brisbane.

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