It’s Brisbane storm season – have your green waste removed

Green waste is anything biodegradable. This can include grass cuttings, palm fronds, weeds, dead leaves, tree branches, stumps etc. Since the bulk of these occur outside, thunderstorms can wreak havoc with your green waste. Not only that, storms are often the source of extra green waste such as fallen tree branches and debris.

You can prepare for storms by clearing loose branches, leaves and garden waste so they don’t become a bigger problem. The easiest way to do this is to hire a local rubbish collection service to take all the green waste off your hands.

History of Brisbane storms

Brisbane is no stranger to dangerous weather. November 27, 2014 saw Brisbane’s most savage storm since 1985. 8cm diameter hailstones and Category 2 cyclone winds caused over a billion dollars of property damage. November 2008 was almost as bad, 130 km p/h winds lifting roofs, uprooting trees and destroying vehicles with flying debris.

These heavy storms resulted in massive clean-up efforts of rubbish removal services. Green waste, flood-damaged items and more were collected city-wide. After such monstrous storms, everybody needs help clearing away the mess.

Brisbane’s storm season lasts all summer, as well as the edges of October and March. During this period, cyclone warnings are common and afternoon thunderstorms occur almost every day.

Green waste rubbish removal

In any storm with strong winds, there is a high chance of branches and palm fronds detaching. There’s no need to risk hurting yourself loading heavy waste. A garbage removal service will take care of all heavy lifting, disposal and cleanup. They may even be able to help with bigger tasks like clearing entire fallen trees.

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