5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Rubbish Removal Service


5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Rubbish Removal Service

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Need a local rubbish removal service to help dispose of waste from your Brisbane property?

No matter what type of rubbish you have piling up, it’s important to select the right professionals to help you. That means asking the right questions when you pick up the phone and speak to them.

1. “How much experience do you have?”

It may only be rubbish – but it still needs an experienced hand to dispose of it. Some items may be hazardous (inflammable, toxic, or corrosive), too heavy to lift safely, contain sensitive data, recyclable, or reusable. This calls for a professional and experienced rubbish removal service that knows what it is doing and understands the laws and the potential dangers.

2. “Do you collect all types and amounts of rubbish?”

It’s no good using a service that turns up and finds that there are items that it cannot take or that require two trips or more. This wastes everybody’s time and money. Check that they are able to remove the type of waste you need despising of and that their trucks are equipped to look after the amount involved.

3. “Do you do all the lifting and cleaning up?”

If the rubbish removal service only looks after loading up the truck, but not the clean up process afterwards, it can waste valuable time. Clean up jobs after big rubbish collections can be quite involved and require special cleaning equipment to return the area to how it should look.

4. “Do you do cover my area?”

Make sure the rubbish removal service you are talking to will come to your location. This is basic but not all services cover all parts of Brisbane – it’s worth checking early on in the conversation!

5. “Are you available on the day I need you?”

Another important consideration is availability. It’s no use hiring a rubbish removal service that cannot come to your premises on the day you need them.

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