Green Waste Disposal: Why Is It Important?

From clearing out your garden to poisoning weeds to cutting down trees, landscaping can be exhausting work. Often it’s tempting to leave the green waste lying around in your backyard to accumulate, especially if the job seems too big or the debris won’t fit in your green waste recycling bin.

Hiring a skip bin takes lots of effort and the last thing you feel like doing on a hot Saturday afternoon after a long day of cutting down trees is taking a big ute load to the tip. But letting green waste (grass clippings, branches, decaying leaves or the stump of a tree) build up can create even bigger problems for your backyard.

Keep Your Yard Critter-Free

Piles of green waste encourage snakes, mosquitoes, termites and other unwanted pests to nest and build a home in your yard, creating a potential threat to the integrity of your home (especially if you have a timber house!). To keep these critters out of your garden, make sure to mow your lawn regularly and clear away any build-up of garden waste.

Ensure Your Property Is Council-Friendly

The Brisbane City Council has strict guidelines involving garden waste removal and how green waste in backyards should be disposed. Littering may attract on the spot fines, so be sure to dispose of your rubbish responsibly, rather than overfilling your rubbish bin or leaving it on the side of the road.

Maintain A Healthy Lawn

If you’re not careful, you might undo all your hard work getting your yard ready by allowing the large piles of green waste to kill the living matter underneath. This can be especially damaging to your current or future lawn.

Green waste removal may be simpler than you think. Check out how we can help here.

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