Remove your Rubbish the Easy Way

Sooner or later, everyone has something to throw away that can’t be put into wheelie bins. Maybe you have an old bed frame taking up space, too big to fit in a bin and unable to break down to size without tools. Or maybe a storm blew in and covered your yard in enough tree branches to fill up a month’s worth of green bins.

Rubbish removal is never easy to do yourself, especially if you have more to take to the tip than can fit in your car. Why go through the hassle when there’s an easy, convenient way to have your rubbish collected for you?

Steve’s Rubbish Removals can take away:

  • Household rubbish – furniture, carpets, toys, clothes, appliances and general waste.
  • Commercial rubbish – flooring, fittings, office furniture, plastics and e-waste.
  • Green waste – branches, vegetation, decks, fences, greenhouses and outdoor furniture.
  • Real estate rubbish – any leftover bits and pieces from past tenants or a renovation.

The problems with skip bins

Not only do you have to be sure to order the right size, you then fill them yourself, which can involve a lot of heavy lifting and can be especially difficult with bulky household waste and long branches not to mention taking up space in your yard, driveway or street, potentially blocking traffic or killing the grass.

How to get started

To have Steve’s Rubbish Removals take garbage problems off your hands, all you need to do is:

  1. Get your free quote
  2. Arrange a time
  3. Point us to the rubbish
  4. Stand back as we pack it into our truck and clean up after ourselves
  5. That’s it!

No fuss, no heavy lifting, no driving to the tip. Steve’s Rubbish Removals handles it all. So if you have a large item to demolish, or a lot of little items cluttering up your space, contact Steve’s Rubbish Removals today!

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