3 quick ways to jump on the Marie Kondo bandwagon at home.

Is the clutter in your home causing you some serious grief? So much so, that every time the doorbell rings you’re praying it’s Marie Kondo?

While we can’t promise her guest appearance in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay, Pine Rivers, Redlands, Redcliffe and anywhere in Greater Brisbane, we can help you to get on board the bandwagon and work some MK inspired magic in your home.

We’ve lined up our top picks from the tidying guru’s tips that will help you to reorganise your home fast. Remember, the end goal is to only be surrounded by items that make you happy!

Before we get started, here’s some food for thought from MK- Define what sparks joy for you. Disregard whether it’s practical or you ‘should’ keep it, and think about how it makes you feel.

1. More storage isn’t the solution!

First, figure out what you actually need to store. Start by choosing things you want to keep, not get rid of. Once you’ve chosen what will stay, decide where it’s going to be stored. Everything needs a home or a space it can always be returned to. This way you’ll always know where to find it!

When deciding on a storage solution, think eco-friendly! Re-use cardboard boxes you already have instead of wasting money on store bought containers and boxes.

2. De-clutter in a specific order

Depending on the size of the job, it may be smart to break up your tidying sessions and target certain areas one at a time. We understand you probably don’t want to dedicate an entire weekend to de-cluttering, so tackle one focus area at a time and set aside a few hours every week to complete it.

MK advises using a specific order:

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Paper
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Garage
  • Miscellaneous
  • Sentimental items

Why leave sentimental items until last? By the time you’ve made your way through the list, you’ll have a true understanding of what sparks joy. If you’re a ‘once you start you can’t stop’  kind of person, feel free to hit the list a little harder. Otherwise, get cracking on that wardrobe this weekend!

3. Store everything upright

For those of us that are a little challenged when it comes to folding clothes, this one might take more patience. However, once you see and experience the difference, you’ll realise it’s worth your while! Ditch the standard up and down stack where you can only see what’s on top. Instead, store folded clothes in a drawer standing upright so they appear like a row of book spines. This is a great system for keeping track of what colours and patterns you already own so you don’t fall into the trap of ‘accidently’ owning 7 striped shirts. In addition, you won’t ruin the pile every time you dare wear something from the bottom. There is no bottom, and everything is treated and seen equally!

If origami is your idea of a nightmare, there’s no need to stress! MK has got everything covered. Check out her folding tutorial here.

If you’re feeling inspired and you’re eager to get started, contact Steve’s Rubbish Removals- we’re here to make the job a whole lot easier. We’ll remove anything from larger items like furniture and appliances, to clothes and general junk. If you’re ready to talk rubbish, get a free quote or book online today!

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