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Start 2019 Clutter-Free!

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The New Year marks a great time to start fresh and de-clutter your home! We’ve listed the clutter hotspots in your home, how to target them, and some tips on keeping your life clutter-free.

Mountains of paper and books, clothes piled to the sky, unfinished products and an overstocked pantry. Sound familiar? Clutter can take many forms in your home, however it’s normally an abundance of unnecessary items, displaced or scattered around in an unorganised way. We’re all guilty of ‘saving’ or ‘collecting’ things we don’t have a regular use for. Not to mention the amount of times our wants and desires can overcome our genuine needs.

Clutter-Prone Places in Your Home

There are certain parts of the home that seem to attract clutter at all costs, and it can build up rapidly before we even notice it happening! Inspect the hotspots in your home and decide which areas need to be targeted.

Isolate the items you only need one of, choose your favourite and remove the rest.

Must-dos for a Clutter-Free Home

Set aside a few hours this month to complete your de-clutter mission. There are a few strategies to use to ensure your clean-up is efficient and successful!

Tips Moving Forward

Everyone has a different approach to living a clutter-free life, and it’s about finding which organisational habits work best for you. Here’s some tips to get you started.

Don’t Fight Clutter Alone!

Need a helping hand? The team at Steve’s Rubbish Removals are experts in household rubbish and junk removal. No task is too big or too small! Contact us today to start de-cluttering your Brisbane home.