Start 2019 Clutter-Free!

The New Year marks a great time to start fresh and de-clutter your home! We’ve listed the clutter hotspots in your home, how to target them, and some tips on keeping your life clutter-free.

Mountains of paper and books, clothes piled to the sky, unfinished products and an overstocked pantry. Sound familiar? Clutter can take many forms in your home, however it’s normally an abundance of unnecessary items, displaced or scattered around in an unorganised way. We’re all guilty of ‘saving’ or ‘collecting’ things we don’t have a regular use for. Not to mention the amount of times our wants and desires can overcome our genuine needs.

Clutter-Prone Places in Your Home

There are certain parts of the home that seem to attract clutter at all costs, and it can build up rapidly before we even notice it happening! Inspect the hotspots in your home and decide which areas need to be targeted.

  • Cupboards & closets: Whether it’s linen, clothes, shoes, toys or books, the cupboards in our homes are the kings of clutter. It’s easy to throw (or hide!) things in cupboards to avoid seeing them all the time, and items like clothing can get out of hand very quickly.
  • Bathroom: Bathrooms can often house stacks of half empty shampoo bottles, a variety of moisturisers, old toothbrushes and more. Plus, inadequate storage can worsen bathroom clutter.
  • Kitchen pantry: Sales at the supermarket can lead to an over-stocked pantry and our busy lifestyles can overcome our intentions to make home cooked meals on the regular. Non-perishable items then start to find a permanent place in the pantry. 
  • Garage: A place where larger items can cause clutter!
  • Home office: Bills, mail, newspapers and recycled paper can cause clutter amongst mounds of stationary.

Isolate the items you only need one of, choose your favourite and remove the rest.

Must-dos for a Clutter-Free Home

Set aside a few hours this month to complete your de-clutter mission. There are a few strategies to use to ensure your clean-up is efficient and successful!

  • Avoid simply ‘moving things around’. If you’re going to de-clutter, do it right! Recycle, donate, sell or throw it out.
  • Group things in your home, whether it’s clothes, foods or products. This will allow you to decipher between what you need and what can go.
  • De-clutter your wardrobe by sorting through clothes and removing items that no longer fit, or that you simply never wear.

Tips Moving Forward

Everyone has a different approach to living a clutter-free life, and it’s about finding which organisational habits work best for you. Here’s some tips to get you started.

  • Shop at zero-waste food stores. This will encourage you to buy as you need, and also allows you to buy specific amounts for certain recipes.
  • Switch to electronic mail and bills to avoid a buildup of paper.
  • Adopt the concept of one in, one out. When you want something new, try to donate or sell something you already own to make room for it.
  • Put things back in their home when you’re finished using them. It sounds simple and only takes a second, but this habit can completely stop clutter from appearing in the first place.

Don’t Fight Clutter Alone!

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