What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Rubbish?

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Rubbish?

Rubbish comes in many forms – from general household waste and electronic waste to green waste in the garden– all of which can mount up in any Brisbane property. Each different type of rubbish poses different challenges for disposing of responsibly and there are usually a number of options available to Brisbane home or business owners. How can you dispose of rubbish responsibly, cost-effectively, and without it eating into too much of your valuable time? Below we look at the options you have…

A rubbish removal service

A rubbish removal service is like ‘one-stop-shop’ for rubbish. The best services will come to your property, remove all types of waste no matter how bulky, messy, or toxic, and leave everything clean and tidy before they depart. Rubbish removal services usually arrive with a truck large enough to get the job done in one visit, able to clear large amounts of household garbage, commercial rubbish, green waste and even builder/renovator rubbish. They will also ensure that the rubbish is recycled appropriately.

Skip bins services

Skip bins are delivered to your property and you load your garbage into them yourself. They can be effective when a known amount of non-toxic waste is produced and there are no prohibited items to dispose of. However, sometimes it is difficult to order the right size of skip and homeowners mix up rubbish without understanding the regulations for toxic waste. With skip bins, of course, loading rubbish can be heavy work and you also have to tidy up yourself afterwards. They can annoy the neighbours too.

Remove it yourself

Taking care of rubbish removal yourself usually means loading up the ute and driving to the dump, where your waste may end up in a landfill. You also run the risk of falling foul of regulations for some substances that need special disposal. Burying or burning waste yourself may be an option for small amounts of biodegradable waste, but both are generally poor options for the environment.


You can usually save yourself stress, time and energy by hiring a reputable Brisbane rubbish removal service to look after the driving, loading, disposal and recycling, and the tidying up – rather than hiring skip bins or doing it yourself.

With 12 years experience in disposing of all types of waste across the city Steve’s Rubbish Removals is one of Brisbane’s leading rubbish removal companies. We’d be happy to help you get rid of rubbish at your home or business and work seven days a week.

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