Rubbish Removal During the Festive Season

Have you ever had some rubbish your needed collected over the Christmas and New Year break but couldn’t find a service to help you? Fortunately, Steve’s Rubbish Removals are open seven days a week, including public holidays, all year round! This means that even if you need green waste or household items, furniture and white goods collected on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day, Steve’s Rubbish Removals can be there to take it off your hands.

Common types of rubbish removed around the Christmas period

People need to remove all kinds of rubbish around Christmas and other family holidays, some of them quite large. You may need to clear our garage items to make room for visiting family members. Christmas trees past their prime (both real and artificial) are often removed after Christmas, along with any home or garden furniture that has been replaced.

Our service offering

Large items are no problem for Steve’s Rubbish Removals; anything too large for our vehicles we can break down on the spot into more manageable pieces. We are happy to take away green waste, old yard furniture, trampolines, swing sets, hills hoists and packaging from new furniture. And if your family gatherings have simply produced too much household and food waste for your wheelie bins, we can take all of that off your hands too.

Contact the Brisbane rubbish removal experts

We offer rubbish removal in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay, Pine Rivers, Bayside and the Redlands, so please contact us for a quote or to have a discussion about your Brisbane rubbish removal needs.

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